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ITEM Software expands its services through its strategic partnerships with industry leaders. ITEM Software has been providing various industries with targeted services to enable them to comply with the regulations and standards that best match environmental constraints and strategic planning.

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White Papers

ITEM Software produces practical papers on topics that relate to Reliability Software, Risk and Engineering. The goal of our white papers is to provide solutions to common issues in our industry.

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Web Demonstrations

Live interactive ITEM ToolKit and ITEM QRAS demonstra-tions are now available over the internet.

This offers you the chance to experience the full function-ality of our reliability software at the comfort of your own desk, with one of our technical experts online to talk you through it.

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Software Screen Shots

Reliability Software ITEM QT Screen ShotReliability Software ITEM QT Screen Shot

Reliability Software ITEM QRAS Screen ShotReliability Software ITEM QRAS Screen Shot

Reliability Software ITEM ToolKit Screen ShotReliability Software ITEM ToolKit Screen Shot

Fault Tree Analysis Software

Fault Tree analysis techniques continue to be adopted by a wide range of engineering disciplines as one of the primary methods of predicting system reliability and availability parameters. Fault trees may be used to analyze large and complex systems, and are particularly adept at representing and analyzing redundancy arrangements. In addition, common cause events are easily modeled.

Fault Tree Analysis Diagram

The inverse of a Fault Tree, a Success Tree, can also be created using this module. In this case, all events are created using the "success" space rather than in the "failure" space of a traditional Fault Tree. A sibling of a Success Tree, an Attack Tree, can also be constructed to model the tools, capabilities, and events necessary for a successful attack on a facility, system, or other entity. Both approaches can be used for threat assessments and other analyses.

The ITEM ToolKit Fault Tree Module, from ITEM Software, provides an environment, integrated with other safety and reliability techniques, within which to build and analyze fault / attack / success tree diagrams. This state of the art program makes use of the latest Microsoft® development technology to give you facilities that include Multi Document capability, paging, library facilities and direct links to the other ITEM ToolKit modules.

The Fault Tree Module uses efficient minimal cut set generation algorithms to analyze large and complex fault trees. Esary-Proschan, Rare, and Binary Decision Diagram analysis engines are all available together in one tool. NOT and Common Cause Failure logic may be included in the trees at any level.

Program features include:

  • Cut, copy and paste tree symbols
  • Creation and editing using drag and drop techniques
  • Multiple document interface
  • Allows bitmaps to be attached to a project
  • Library facilities for storing common data
  • Direct links to all other ToolKit modules
  • Customizable paging facilities
  • Export results in CSV, delimited text and fixed field length formats for importing into Microsoft® Access®, Excel® etc.
  • Fully customizable reports, graphs and charts
  • Features common to all modules